Real Training for the real world
Real Training for the real world
FieldWorks360 (FW360) has been in
business since 1997.  We concentrate
heavily on specialized firearms, tactics, and
self-defense training for the military, law
enforcement and civilian communities.  
TRS has trained personnel from over 400
public and private entities, all branches of
the military, and numerous foreign military
and police personnel.
TRS maintains premier indoor and outdoor
training facilities in the Los Angeles Area to
meet the needs of professionals and citizen
patriots. Our staff is experienced,
professional, and patient instructors, and  
our clients always leave with more than they
Articles on Tactics:

Clay Target Shooting to Enhance
Tactical Skills
Clay shooting generally encompasses
three sports, trap, skeet, and sporting
clays.  Trap is the granddaddy of clay
sports.  In trap, the shooter stands
behind the throwing machine and
engages targets that randomly fly away
from the shooting position at different

Defensive Tactics for Tactical Teams
In the last five years we have seen a
proliferation of police tactical teams all
across the U.S.  This is due to the
organized criminal and terrorist
elements that now confront the
American public, and also because of
the expanding role that police have to
now fill.
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Covert Movement: A Lost Art
As I train SWAT teams and patrol officers
around the country, I notice a common
trend.  Everyone is in a hurry.  The art of
covert movement seems to be lost.  

Tactical Urban Rappelling
Tactical rope insertion can be broken
down into three basic categories, urban,
rural, and helicopter.  Of course,
helicopter rappelling itself can be broken
down into urban and rural, and the
techniques differ slightly depending
upon terrain and obstacles.  

Tactical Urban Snipercraft
Police and urban tactical snipercraft is a
dynamic and exciting field.  His
responsibilities and roles are diverse
and challenging.  A sniper needs to be
flexible and knowledgeable about all
aspects of tactical operations.  

Urban Tactical Movement
Urban tactical movement is the art of
moving and fighting in and around
structures.  The movement could be
stealthy or rapid, depending on the
situation.    Tactical movement involves
working in a variety of residential,
commercial, and industrial settings.  

Tactical Response System’s Urban
Rope Course
I just recently attended Tactical
Response System’s (TRS’s) urban
rappel / fast rope course.  It was a
comprehensive course held at the
Boeing facility in Long Beach California.  

Shotgun vs. Rifle in Law Enforcement
Since the North Hollywood bank
shootout in 1997, there has been a
positive emphasis towards arming
officers with the .223 rifle.  Unfortunately,
many police administrators think that the
rifle should be a replacement for the

Dynamic Vehicle Assaults
Vehicle assaults are a complicated and
dynamic problem to deal with.  For
teams to be successful, they must
establish SOPs and rehearse as many
different scenarios as possible.

Assessing Medical Threats
An often overlooked, but essential part of
the mission planning is the medical-
threat assessment. A medical threat
assessment is a methodical gathering
of relevant information that has an
impact on the physical and emotional
health of the team and other civilians
affected by team activity.  

Covert Stairwell Clearing
When clearing a structure covertly, you
usually don’t have the luxury of starting
from the top down.  Moving covertly up
interior stairwells is a difficult and
dangerous operation.  

Enhancing Your Survivability
When using a rifle, many different
positions are available to you to
enhance your accuracy and tactical
advantage.  Different positions tend to
be more applicable at certain distances
than others.  Some positions are used
for stability while others are used for

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